Family Reunion Fun

With the end of summer comes our annual family reunion at the lake. Here in our area, we have been suffering through a severe heat wave and drought this summer and I was not looking forward to going to the reunion this year. I just knew it would be hot and icky. Lucky for us, we had a cool front moving through that day and the weather cooled off a bit. The bad part was the horrid wind. It blew plates off of the table and everywhere. We were constantly picking things up.

The kids had a great time in spite of the wind. Usually, there are not a whole lot of young kids there but this year was quite different. My son and his many cousins played a lot of fun games while the adults visited. One of the kids brought horseshoes and several brought their bicycles. There were even a few balls being tossed around but they were not doing too well with those because of the wind. We were thankful that they had the heavy horseshoes to keep them occupied.

Family reunions also mean a lot of food. We ate way to much as usual but it was really good. We are looking forward to next year’s reunion. I just hope it isn’t as windy next year. At least we know to bring plenty of fun toys for the kids so they will have a variety of things to do. It keeps them busy and gives us moms a break.


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