The Beginning of The End Of My Sanity

Over the past two years, my life has been turned upside down. My Dad passed away last year after being diagnosed with dementia. It all started with surgery to amputate 2 of his toes.

Two years ago on March 17, 2009, my dad had surgery to remove two of his toes due to infection and lack of blood flow to heal the affected area. After this surgery, he regained consciousness from the anesthesia and was terribly confused. His brain was really gone after that. He kept rambling and talking about work. He was telling everyone that came to visit him to do different things. He had us tighten the nuts and bolts on the bed and other crazy stuff. The doctor told us to give it a few days and he might become more coherent. Well, in the course of those few days, it was determined that he would need a stent in his leg to help the blood flow to his foot. He was then put under the anesthesia again. This time when he came to, it was much worse. Subsequently, he had to have a lower leg amputation due to the lack of blood flow. He was placed in a nursing home for rehabilitation. After being there for a few weeks, the doctor determined that he was not going to recover his mind and diagnosed him with dementia. My mom, who had been married to my dad for 63 years, did the only thing she was able to do. She kept him in the nursing home so he could get the care he needed. My entire family was in agreement with mom’s decision to have dad in the nursing home because we knew she was unable to care for him. This was a devastating blow to our family. We were a very close and loving family and hated to see our dad in the health he was in. It turned out that not all of the family was going to stand behind my mom in her decisions for what was best. That is where my family life tragically started unravelling.

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